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Carnelian/Garnet Rosary 26 inches

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 We are offering a  1/3 OFF Discount on this item to help KICK OFF our new store.  We are a new business and will be adding a lot of new products during the coming months.

This rosary uses two different beads from semi-precious gemstones.

The larger "Our Father" beads are carnelian.  The Carnelian goes back to Ancient Egypt where it took on many roles, from being a stone of fertility to stimulating passion and even provide courage to the ancient warriors and fighters.

The "Hail Mary" beads are made from garnet.  Garnet awakens our inner-fire and helps produce some of the strongest life force energy in the entire mineral kingdom. Pure strength and fortitude is activated within and the confidence in one’s self will raise to an all-time high. Once we are comfortable with ourselves, we are then capable of transmuting the most negative vibrations into positive ones. Your everyday focus should start pertaining more to yourself and your personal growth.